Should they be believed?

10 09 2015

PPT has been reading bits and pieces about the the “bombers.” Given that, without supporting evidence, we seldom believe the military dictatorship and almost never believe the police, we have been puzzling over the uncritical reporting of recent days.

A recent Khaosod reports states that:

After a week in military detention at a Bangkok army camp, Mieraili was transferred to police custody two days ago, and top officials disagree over whether he should stand trial in a civilian criminal court or before a military tribunal.

To date this person has not had any legal representation, consular assistance or anything else. He’s been a prisoner of the military and he has been through the ritual of pleading guilty and “re-enacting” aspects of the alleged events (over two days!).

We are told that the “mastermind” of the bombing, named as Izaan, has “fled” to Bangladesh but there is “no adequate evidence to apply for an arrest warrant of Izaan from the court.”

Junta hireling Wissanu Krea-ngam is asking for a military trial because it is expedient and no appeals are possible. In most military trials the evidence goes unrevealed and often the trials are secret.

We have no idea if Mieraili is being framed or was involved, but surely journalists should be asking more questions about a military/police story that seemed to suddenly arrive out of investigative chaos.