Dump the charter for more repression

11 09 2015

You cannot oppose me – self appointed premier, The Dictator, General Prayuth Chan-ocha

One of the emerging facts about the dumping of the draft charter is that The Dictator and coupmaker Prayuth is going to take an even stronger line in disciplining and repressing anyone considered an opponent.Spot the snake

Khaosod reports that an angry Prayuth:

… warned that his regime, which seized power from the Pheu Thai-led government last May, will escalate its measures against politicians who continue to criticize his government through passport cancellations, military detention, prison terms and even “taping their mouths shut.”

This outburst, typical of the erratic general, comes as the Puea Thai Party’s Pichai Naripatapan “was taken into indefinite military detention” and Karun Hosakul was reported to have been detained. Both have been mildly critical of the military dictatorship. Last week the military junta revoked the passport of another critic, Chaturon Chaisaeng, a former Puea Thai minister.

In another Khaosod report, the chilling nature of the extended repression is made abundantly clear.

Former minister Pichai’s “latest detention in an army camp – said to be his seventh since the coup – will only end when it deems him to be ‘cooperative’.” It is added that soldiers took Pichai from his home and “placed him in indefinite military custody at an army camp for ‘attitude adjustment’ due to his criticism of the junta’s economic policies…”. Last Tuesday, “Pichai wrote online that the recent delay to returning Thailand to civilian rule would damage the economy and open the kingdom up to sanctions from democratic nations.”

He’s right about the economy. But so far, now “democratic” nation has scolded the military for its actions in extending its dictatorship, so sanctions are unlikely.

The military junta cannot accept any criticism from those it sees as opponents, with Army chief thug General Udomdej Sitabutr saying Pichai is in custody because “his opinions do not match and comply with the way that we have agreed upon.”

More Prayuth quotes from Khaosod demonstrating his erratic behavior, paternalism and his desire for increased repression:

If the opinions appear to challenge the state power, can it be allowed?

How many days can my power detain him [Pichai]? Is it seven? I don’t know. It’s up to the conclusion of the interrogators. That’s how they are taught: The sooner the [detainees] confess, the faster it’s over. If they do not confess, then the case will go on.

I will deliberate on this myself. Whether there will be harsh or soft measures is up to me.

I don’t know what they [MICT] can do, because these websites are based abroad. We can only do something about websites in our country, and we are doing something. If these websites are from abroad, how can we shut them down? … In legal terms, they don’t have 112 [lese majeste law]. They don’t have that kind of law.

I’m just going to tape their mouths shut. We are working on this matter. The media doesn’t have to ask everything every day. Don’t force the prime minister to order everything. And as for politicians and political parties that keep talking these days, I beg you, if you don’t slander me with your words, I will leave you alone. But if you still attack the government, let me ask you, who will let you do that? Especially my type of government. No one can speak like that.

If you are parents with kids, and your children say that kind of thing to you, will you let them? I am not their parent. But let me ask you, if your children disobeyed your order, would you tolerate that? Those people who like to break the laws, they cannot do that to me.On your arse

If they won’t learn, they will be jailed again and again. That’s all. How hard can be it? If they do something wrong again, they will be jailed again.

Reporter: Is this an attempt to discredit you before you travel to the United Nations Assembly?

When I go abroad, no one shows disgust at me. And when I go abroad, I have someone taking care of the country for me. I am not afraid. If I am afraid, I wouldn’t be standing here.

The media never helps me. They only [criticize] me.

Think carefully: People whose cases are still in the justice system, should you write news for them? You don’t even know if they are going to jail. Why are you helping them? People who fled convictions, who fled abroad, who support anti-monarchy activities, why are you still talking to them? You don’t love the monarchy? You don’t love the country? You question me and make me angry. Society will pressure me. And how can we live like this? We won’t have happiness.



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14 09 2015
More threats | Political Prisoners of Thailand

[…] having detained journalist Pravit Rojanaphruk, the military goons have told the world that the detained politicians Pichai Naripatapan and Karun Hosakul are “are in […]

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