More threats

14 09 2015

After having detained journalist Pravit Rojanaphruk, the military goons have told the world that the detained politicians Pichai Naripatapan and Karun Hosakul are “are in military-supervised detention at an undisclosed location…”.

The military have dissembled. The detainees are “fine,” they say, and have not been harmed. They are only held for a little “attitude adjustment.”

Translating from juntaspeak, these men are being held because they have been “critical about the government and the NCPO [the junta].” That’s it. Say anything the the thin-skinned generals don’t like, and you are in danger.

The generals say that “politicians have been asked to agree to stop making remarks which run counter to national reconciliation and could re-ignite social conflicts. If they agree, they will be released.”

Translating from juntaspeak, saying anything the erratic generals don’t like is inciting “conflict.”

In fact, it is the generals who should be locked up, for their coup was illegal. That won’t happen, and the future is filled with increased repression for the junta promises tougher measures against those who resist The Dictator’s prescriptions, He only allows “recommendations but not criticism…”.

On this pattern of repression following the dumping of the charter, readers may find academic Kevin Hewison’s musings at Asia Sentinel of some interest. He argues that the charter was ditched becaue the junta is fearful that it hasn’t engaged in sufficient repression.