Lack of understanding

15 09 2015

In a report at Khaosod on the detention and release of journalist Pravit Rojanaphruk there is some detail from deputy junta chairman General Pravit Wongsuwan that is revealing of the military dictatorship’s warped view of the world.

General Pravit states that he ordered the detention of Pichai Naripatapan, Karun Hosakul and journalist Pravit:

I summoned them because there was criticism. I can summon anyone today, if that person doesn’t understand us and continues to cause conflict and confusion in the society…. We will explain things to them. That’s all. There’s no other reason for summoning.

General Pravit considers that it is the misunderstandings of regime opponents that causes “conflict.” Of course, as a military thug, he really means that “misunderstanding” is any criticism of him or the dictatorship.

When a reporter said that journalist Pravit insisted that the military dictatorship is illegitimate, General Pravit angrily retorted:

How can we be illegitimate? What’s done is done. We do things, everything. … I ask you, has Mr. Pravit been doing the right thing all this time? Don’t say that name to me. I and he share the same name, but our behavior is very different.

You get the picture.

In fact, the misunderstanding underpins the junta and its regime. It took illegal actions to grab power, creates laws that provide it with amnesty and impunity and it concocts a political ideology that is a relic of past military dictatorships.