Nasty, incompetent and rich

16 09 2015

PPT has noted several times that the police in Thailand are not only widely known to be massively corrupt and gang-like, but as especially incompetent in investigations.

Like the military, the police rely on beatings and torture for “confessions.” Alternatively, they cajole and assure “suspects” that a guilty plea will result in a lighter sentence than if they go to court with a not guilty plea.

In a system riddled with double standards, the rich and powerful can bribe and bring “influence” to bear. Even the poor are told that their relatives should scrape bribes together.

Police run protection rackets, engage in shakedowns and are involved with a myriad of illegal businesses, including people and drug smuggling. Police commanders get very rich.

When prosecutors take cases to court, the judicial system is so corrupt and incompetent that the conviction rate is remarkably high.

One of the more notorious cases is the remarkable Saudi gems saga, involving police in murder, theft and more.

This is a long introduction to a report at the Washington Post on the failures of regime and police on the Koh Tao murders. This story details how incompetent the police have been in “investigating” this crime. Some of this incompetence could, of course, be manufactured in order to protect the real culprits.

The reason we link to this story is because we remain skeptical about the police investigations on the Bangkok bombings. Both regime and police have made some quite bizarre claims. They have even rewarded themselves for the initial arrests.

Now the police seem to have arrested suspects and “located” suspects in several countries. After discounting notions that the cruel deportation of Uighurs to China by the regime could have been a motive in the bombings, the police now say,

… after weeks of studiously avoiding mention of a Uighur link, police chief Somyot Pumpanmuang said today the perpetrators had two motives for staging the 17 Aug. attack: the recent crackdown on human smuggling networks and the deportation of 109 Uighur refugees in July.

We have no idea if the new police story is any more accurate than their previous musings. However, if one of the reasons for the bombings was about human smuggling, then the next question has to be: which police or military commanders were involved?

Incompetent, brutal and with commanders who become very rich, the police are a disgraceful gang.



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