The military dictatorship is Thailand

17 09 2015

The Dictator is traveling to New York for a U.N. meeting and he and his fellow ruling junta members are fearful.

When thugs are fearful they tend to club together gang-like and threaten others.

That is exactly what the military regime has attempted to do, even determining that it needs to threaten unknown persons in a distant country.

The Bangkok Post reports that the government’s high-ranking mouthpiece Major-General Sansern Kaewkamnerd has declared that any protest against his boss General Prayuth Chan-ocha in the United States would be an attack on Thailand and Thais.army_monarchy

Major-General Sansern has effectively declared that General Prayuth and his illegitimate regime is Thailand.

He demanded that “anti-government groups who plan to stage a protest against the [self-appointed] premier … call off their plan.”

Major-General Sansern said General Prayuth is “concerned protests against him would create misunderstanding among foreigners.” We doubt that any “foreigner” would mistake a general masquerading as a legitimate premier and repressing his political opposition as anything other than a military dictator.

Major-General Sansern thought he’d contemplate expression in a freer country than Thailand under the military junta. He stated that “[p]eople are free to express themselves but it should be done in a positive way…”.

He praised others “who plan to give morale support to Gen Prayut in New York.” Presumably supporting a military dictatorship is “positive” in the military’s bent view of the world.

General Prayuth has decided that it is prudent not to mention the military’s “reform roadmap at the UN.” He declared that he “wants foreigners to view Thailand as a fast-growing country and not as a fragile, unstable and conflict-affected state.”

He declared his dictatorship a “political culture” with “different political processes…”. We tend to agree. Prayuth’s troglodyte regime is a reflection of the military’s warped culture that relies on coup, impunity, corruption and bouts of murderous repression.