Deep problems, no solutions

22 09 2015

An article at the Asian Nikkei Review he concludes: Thailand, it seems, is losing its luster; economic and political reforms are vital for restoring it.

The article goes through Thailand’s political and economic problems and inertia under the military dictatorship.

What is clear is that political reform is off the agenda unless that means going back to the 1980s and Premocracy-like military tutelage.

It is also clear that economic reform is off the agenda unless this means a half-hearted plagiarism of Thaksin Shinawatra-like policies relevant for 2001, when politics was quite different.

The generals are showing (again) that they are incapable. The current crop of military leaders who have appointed themselves dictators have precious little capacity for problem solving. They have nurtured their carers in an environment where hierarchy, slavish discipline and the thuggish power of the gun are the crucial characteristics. Ordering people to do “better” and “shooting” the economy are poor policies.



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