Rich fascist fails to get her way

24 09 2015

Social media has been buzzing since it was leaked that Chitpas Bhirombhakdi-cum-Kridakorn wanted to join the police in a “special position” said to be a “hard-to-filled post reserved for specialists only.” The “special position” looked for a “qualification” that wanted “English proficiencies.”

That sounds remarkably like someone creating a position for a friend.

Chitpas was one of the driving forces in the anti-democrat People’s Democratic Reform Committee, following her resignation from the Democrat Party so she could engage in illegal acts.

Why Chitpas wanted such a position when she is fabulously wealthy. She refuses to say, but we can guess that, as a supporter of the coup and military dictatorship, this was a political appointment.

Her appointment – oops, sorry, “selection” – was opposed by her political opponents.

Tearfully withdrawing, the Boonrawd heiress stated: “I deeply regret that I don’t have enough luck to join the police and wear a police uniform to be a people’s protector…”.

Of course, “luck” has nothing to do with it. She was just dumbfounded that her wealth and politics didn’t get her a “position” or sinecure she absurdly coveted. Rich and well-connected people are used to getting their way Thailand.

We are sure she has thrown the appropriate tantrum and is scheming political revenge.