No criticism allowed

29 09 2015

The military dictatorship and The Dictator are remarkably thin-skinned.

As PPT noted in an earlier post, there were some demonstrations against General Prayuth Chan-ocha in New York. There were also some small groups of supporters.

The Bangkok Post reports that ” military regime and the government brushed off anti-coup protests at the United Nations in New York Sunday, saying the move would not cast Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha in a bad light or undermine him at the summit.”

Despite have earlier claimed that any demonstration would be an attack on Thailand, spokesman for the junta, Colonel Winthai Suvaree, said that “demonstrations at the UN General Assembly were common and the protests against the Thai leader were unlikely to attract special attention or damage the country’s image.”

Another mouthpiece, Major-General Sansern Kaewkamnerd claimed a propaganda victory for Prayuth and the dictatorship, declaring “Gen Prayut’s appearance at several key UN forums … an acceptance from the international community.”

Of course, that’s a lie that other dictators have claimed in the past. In fact, the military dictatorship damages Thailand simply by being the world’s only military junta ruling over any country.

U.N. Secretary- General Ban Ki-moon has reportedly told The Dictator that “he remains concerned over the shrinking democratic space in Thailand.”

Prayuth met with Ban in “the first UN meeting for the general who staged a military coup to topple an elected civilian government in May last year.” Ban reportedly “emphasised the need for the government to uphold freedom of speech and assembly…”. Prayuth babbled that “the road map leading to a general election” meaning there would be an election in July 2017. The usual and banal justifications for military dictatorship were trotted out.

Back home, the prickly junta didn’t want anyone to know about protests, and according to Prachatai, the junta “blocked the red-shirt websites and social networks to prevent them from broadcasting live the anti-junta protest before the UN 70th General Assembly in New York, US.”



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