Still confused and still accusing

29 09 2015

In case you missed it, businessman and Police boss General Somyos Pumpanmuang is retiring today. It is no surprise, then, that he claims to have solved the Bangkok bombing before he steps aside.

The Nation reports that Somyos has got the “guilty” men and has been passing out the money to the police involved.In the money

In a ceremony of claimed victories, Somyos was confusing. Most confusingly, after a confused and unprofessional investigation, claims and ridiculous counter-claims from the police, from Malaysia and in the media, Somyos fired a passing shot at red shirts.

Yes, Somyos reckoned there were “possible retaliation by [Uighur-related] human smugglers at the government for cracking down on them…”. Despite this, Somyos decided to go back to day 1 of the investigation and claim “political motives.”

Somyos claims that “[o]ne of the Thai suspects was involved in the ‘political bombings’ during the unrest in 2010 and last year…”.

On the first day of the “investigations,” police pointed at red shirts. In his retirement shindig, Somyos stated: “Investigators believe that there are people who hired the perpetrators. Different groups of people were involved and they shared the same objective and desire…. We can’t rule out political motives…”.

Somyos continued to claim that the “two arrested foreign suspects” were “no longer [able to] deny their involvement and had to admit that they were involved…”. He had to add that “[p]olice did not coerce them…”.

These men have not been able to meet lawyers and, conveniently, the police have moved the case from civilian to military court. That alone should give pause for thinking the top cop might be fudging (again).

Not surprisingly, it was without lawyers, without proper identity being established and with competing claims being made, that Somyos again came up with the local link to politics.

Somyos also “presented Bt3 million to his deputy and designated successor, Pol General Jakthip Chaijinda, to reward the police and military officers involved in the arrest of the prime suspects.” We thought he’d done that almost a month ago.

We find it difficult to believe much at all from this corrupt police general but we bet he rakes in even more loot after retiring.



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