Protecting The Dictator

6 10 2015

A few days ago the conservative U.S. commentator Doug Bandow had an op-ed at The Japan Times, criticizing the military dictatorship in Thailand.

A couple of excerpts give the idea of what the op-ed says:

Thailand long has been the land of smiles, a friendly, informal place equally hospitable to backpackers and businessmen. But politics has gotten ugly in recent years.

Now a cartoonish dictator out of a Gilbert and Sullivan comic opera runs a not-so funny junta which jails opponents and suppresses free speech….

Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha seized power last year promising happiness, prosperity and security. But the junta has failed to deliver all three.

It seems that the junta and its flunkies will not accept any of it.

In Japan, the junta’s former Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sihasak Phuangketkeow, has slithered into Tokyo as the junta’s mouthpiece there.

Sihasak has supported all the recent anti-democratic government so Thailand, even speaking highly of Thaksin Shinawatra when he was arrogant and authoritarian.

Defending The Dictator, Sihasak has written a letter headlined Thailand is on the path to democracy, which is a clueless defense of the junta and the boss. Prayuth seems to get as much protection as the ailing monarch.

He laments that the Bandow article “does not do justice to the heavy responsibilities that have been placed on the shoulders of Thai Prime Minister Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha and his government during such a critical transitional period in Thai democracy.”

Ah… Thai democracy? What is he babbling about?

It was Prayuth and his gang of thugs who seized state power and threw out an elected government. It was The Dictator and his gang of thuggish dullards who chose to do this.

Sihasak is sprouting the junta’s first statements immediately following the coup. Even the junta is less reluctant to repeat this nonsense in this lame manner. It prefers to repress and censor those who favor democracy.

Sihasak has been on the mind-altering Koolaid:

… [T]he Thai government is determined to move forward the road map to democracy that we have in place and we are resolved to steer the country back to the path of a vibrant, strong and sustainable democracy that meets the aspiration of the Thai people.



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