Updated: A lie is a lie

8 10 2015

Four days ago PPT posted on the kerfuffle over the “single gateway” that the military dictatorship wants in place, primarily to “protect” the monarchy.

In that post it was absolutely clear that self-appointed Prime Minister and coup master General Prayuth Chan-ocha had lied and so had other spokespersons for the regime.

We noted that after much criticism, the military dictatorship has denied that it plans a single gateway and “insists the project has not been initiated despite evidence to the contrary.”

The Dictator himself lied: “I have not ordered [the government] to go ahead with this. I merely told them to study it, but there has been some misinterpretation…. Right now, this matter is only under study. There’s nothing.”

Now the testy tyrant has hooted and honked that his lies are all a result of officials who kept notes in a cabinet meeting that showed Prayuth was lying.

Despite all the evidence, at The Nation, it is reported that Prayuth has again “insisted that he had not considered or issued any orders over the plan when confronted by reporters who said the Cabinet meeting’s minutes indicated that orders related to the plan had been issued four times.”

Prayuth “defended himself” by blaming “those who recorded notes of the meeting …”. The Dictator ranted and threatened: “I am going to get those officials who took down notes at the meeting.”

Update: A “clarification” of The Dictator’s claims is in the Bangkok Post. Here, Prayuth blames everyone else for his lies. He is reported as claiming cabinet meeting minutes are essentially inaccurate, thus blaming “the Secretariat of the Cabinet led by Ampon Kittiampon, who has served in this capacity for five years.”

He blamed reporters for asking about his lies. He demanded: “Stop asking me about this. I’m sick of it. Why keep digging old stories?… So stop complaining. When I try to fix something for a group, another group whines. Where should the government stand?”



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