Re-educating foreigners I

9 10 2015

At The Nation Thailand’s tyrant and self-appointed premier General Prayuth Chan-ocha, who had his spinners tell everyone that that the visit to New York was a huge triumph for the military junta, is now saying that things weren’t that great with the foreigners who cannot understand his dictatorship.

Government Spokesman Major-General Sansern Kaewkamnerd has said that The Dictator “has ordered that information packages be put together so as to create a better understanding of Thailand’s situation among the international community…”.

Oops, the “international community” is still critical of the junta and its extended period of repression in Thailand. Prayuth is quoted as saying that he “found that the international community still had a blurred understanding of the country, especially the situation before the military took over last year and set up the NCPO [the junta].”

Sansern, quoting his boss, revealed that Prayuth reckons “[c]lear and detailed information should be presented so as to explain the reasons and circumstances that led to the current government and the National Council for Peace and Order [NCPO] stepping in…”.

Given that The Dictator has trouble with truth, we assume he means clear and detailed propaganda.

PPT’s view is that much of the leadership of many countries can probably understand the existence of repression and authoritarianism. After all, there’s plenty of dealing with such regimes. It is just that there seems trouble understanding the need for a military dictatorship.

Perhaps the clear and detailed information should simply say that Prayuth is an arrogant royalist who needs to rule in a repressive regime until the king dies and succession takes place and the new king is secure and the royalist elite feels safe.