Me and my monarchy

10 10 2015

At the time that the draft constitution was ditched, several attempts to say why this was were made. One of those was by academic Kevin Hewison, at Asia Sentinel, where he claimed that it was fear driving the military junta:

… fears about a vote, especially in the northeastern region that still retains loyalty to long-ousted former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, the possibility of an unwelcome outcome clearly told them that the country has not seen sufficient “reform” for elections to reject the surrogate political parties associated the exiled former premier.

The Dictator, General Prayuth Chan-ocha has now confirmed that assessment, with the Bangkok Post claiming that Prayuth issued a “strongly worded ‘message to the people’ …[that] attacked the previous government and Thaksin Shinawatra, while also urging the public to support the new constitution drafting process.”

The erratic tyrant stated that “anyone with bad intentions toward the monarchy” or who would “rob the country, hurt people or pressure the government or constitution writers” was unwelcome.

Presumably this means that we will find the junta dissolved and gone.

Yes, the dullard generals support the monarchy, but they do this while robbing the country, hurting people – indeed, murdering them – and pressuring the constitution writers to do the job for the military. By Prayuth’s statement they should be gone.

Of course, they won’t go. They are not men of honor or of their word. They are liars and bandits who wish to stay in control so that the royalist elite may profit and exploit.

Prayuth, like the rest of the elite in the palace, the Sino-Thai tycoons and Bangkok’s trembling middle class, blame Thaksin for everything, even if Prayuth can’t bring himself to use Thaksin’s name:

If that person had confessed and faced justice from the start, there would not have been problems… There would not be the NCPO [National Council for Peace and Order] today and people would not have died because of the unknown militants — and we all know who they support.

Prayuth proves he is a liar, again refusing to admit that the military murdered red shirt protesters.

Making it worse, and indicating why he was egged on by the palace for a second coup, Prayuth “accused the previous government of not being serious enough about preventing lese majeste, which he claimed flourished under former premier Yingluck Shinawatra.”

He explains why he wants to control the internet:

These people use technology to avoid being arrested, and support groups that create and disseminate false news aimed at undermining the credibility of the country.

We think The Dictator and the dullards who surround him do a pretty good job of undermining the country’s credibility without the help of anyone else.

Prayuth is obviously livid that the European Parliament has called out his military dictatorship.

The fearful general makes it clear that all must obey him and his cronies: “for reforms to be successful, the new constitution must be based on the guidelines laid down by the junta.”

This will not include “some democratic means, but not the kind with boundless freedom…”. That’s the finger bird for the European Parliament and for any democrats in Thailand.

Oddly, Prayuth then staggered like a drunken sailor into a critique of his previous charter writers, saying Borwornsak Uwanno didn’t “listen to all groups of people” and “listened only to the elite,” while “some people tried to distort the facts…”. We are numb. How could Borwornsak do other than listen to the elite? That was his assigned task.

But then we read:

In fact, there is not such group in Thailand. There is no elite, middle class or low class here. These terms are just rhetoric used by politicians seeking to drive a wedge in society for their own gain.

Some even accuse the NCPO and the government of abusing Section 112 [the lese majeste law] to destroy our opponents….

We want them [the people] to express their views through the channels provided by the CDC. They should not talk to the media because society will be confused about what is true and what isn’t.

The man is, frankly, deranged.

We wonder how much longer he can continue to dictate with such madness on display. The upper crust can seldom cope with insecurity and unpredictability.



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