The sub money

10 10 2015

Long-time readers will know that PPT has, off and on, posted on the Navy commander’s desperation for commissions submarines.

A reader sent us the recent shenanigans:

Navy suspends submarine procurement 2 Oct 2015 | 09:58

The PAD preferred option on a used sub

The best option

Royal Thai Navy Commander-in-Chief Adm. Na Areenich disclosed that the suspension of submarine procurement was to allow the government to prioritize its economic concerns, especially problems faced by low-income earners.

That the economy is in trouble and that “consumption” of subs is unlikely to have any impact on the broader economy is reasonable. Certainly getting funds to the poor has impacts on broader consumption. Giving it to the already wealthy Navy commanders won’t help.

He also stated that the Navy had earlier proposed to buy three Chinese subs worth about 36 billion baht, “on the grounds that they can enhance Thailand’s defense capabilities.”

Royal Thai Navy will buy submarines 7 Oct 2015 | 07:39

Defense Minister General Prawit Wongsuwan says the Royal Thai Navy’s project to buy submarines will not be stalled as it has been designed for the protection of Thailand’s natural resources.

Prawit changes tack. Take the money he says, because of the need to protect natural resources. Which resources are these? The few remaining trees? Gold mines? Potash mines? He claimed: “… it is important for the public to understand the importance of the protection of marine resources which are abundant in Thai waters.”

Marine resources? One definition of this is:

Under the broadest definition of the term, marine resources are the things that plants, animals and humans need for life that originate in the ocean. Different organisms derive different resources from the marine biome. Most organisms that require marine resources for survival live inside the marine ecosystem. However, some birds and land mammals also derive food from the ocean.

Fish. Nope, mostly gone for Thailand. That’s why slave-based fisheries are now mostly well away from Thailand, depleting the marine resources of others.

But go here, and scroll down a bit, and you see that some definitions include oil and gas. Given the royalist, yellow-shirt focus some years ago on Gulf of Thailand oil and gas resources, claiming Thaksin Shinawatra wanted them for personal gain, may suggest the need for subs to sink Cambodian any attempts to gain control.