Constitution propaganda

16 10 2015

After canning its earlier draft version of the constitution, the military dictatorship is taking no chances on the supposedly yet to be written constitution, currently in the hands of military toady Meechai Ruchupan.

A report at The Nation reveals that the junta has ordered that Army Reserve Force students to propagandize for the new constitution before it faces a national referendum.

The Army will “train” some “300,000 military reserve students nationwide would garner a greater understanding of the constitution and its writing process.”

In fact, these students will be used to campaign for a “yes” vote on the constitution in that referendum.

Back in 2007, when the last constitution was sent to referendum, the military organized a huge campaign for the “yes” vote while attempting to ban and restrict any other views.

Under this junta, the campaign will be bigger and nastier than in 2007. As is well known, this set of generals brook little dissent.



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