More lese majeste horror

16 10 2015

Opas Charnsuksai, 67, was first arrested on 15 October 2014 and charged with lese majeste. He was convicted on 20 March 2015, by a military court, and sentenced to 3 years in jail, halved for the almost compulsory guilty plea required when the military court considers lese majeste cases.

The military court sent the elderly man to jail for writing messages defaming the monarchy in a shopping mall’s restroom. He had been arrested after soldiers were dispatched to Bangkok’s Seacon Square shopping mall and accused of writing allegedly anti-monarchy graffiti. Cleaning staff claim that Opas was seen writing the graffiti inside toilet stalls.

Now the military court has had him back before it. On 16 October 2015, it sentenced Opas to three more year of imprisonment for lese majeste. In a closed court appearance, the judges halved the sentence for the almost mandatory guilty plea. This sentence relates to another alleged instance of anti-monarchy wall scrawls at the same mall.

Opas now faces three years in jail. He cannot appeal the sentence as it was handed down by the military court.

Taking the two cases separately is a part of the torture associated with Thailand’s feudal judicial system under the military dictatorship.