In for the long haul

17 10 2015

Like PPT, The Economist is gloomy about the political future in Thailand. In a recent note, it states that the “generals who took over Thailand in mid-2014 have settled in for the long haul and watched the economy slump. They have stifled dissent and defended their grip on power by arguing that they are needed to restore ‘public order and morality’.”

The regime hates all criticism and has devised a strategy of repression: “For those who dare criticise them, the generals have devised what they euphemistically call ‘attitude adjustment’ sessions. These are aimed at instilling a proper sense of ‘understanding’ and respect for Thai institutions, including their favourite one, the monarchy.” Poking The Dictator and his regime will also result in re-education.

These re-education sessions also include implied threats to those called in and, often, to their families as well.

The regime is said to have “summoned” almost 800 people for attitude re-education.

As The Economist explains: “The campaign of intimidation has had a chilling effect.”



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