Getting the story straight

18 10 2015

The Nation reports that the military dictatorship has received some unsolicited advice from the (anti)Democrat Party.

The royalist Democrat Party has a spokesman named Ramet Rattanachaweng who has decided that the intolerant and illegal “government” needs advice on getting its story straight on the extrajudicial actions it plans for Yingluck Shinawatra.

We are not sure why Ramet feels the need to advise the military junta, especially as it has already had the seal of approval for its extrajudicial maneuvers on the rice subsidy scheme from the aged Privy Council President Prem Tinsulanonda. If Prem approves, then it is a done deal, surely.

Perhaps Ramet worries about legalities more than the bosses? Yet that has seldom bothered the Democrat Party during its (overly) long history. No, it is because he worries that if legalities were to be followed, Yingluck may get off.

Ramet states that the junta “must clearly explain the alleged wrongdoing of officials in connection with the rice-pledging scheme or it will fall victim to the lawyers of ex-PM Yingluck…”. He worried that if the junta didn’t get its story straight, it “would turn from a plaintiff into a defendant…”.

He “explained” that there was no “discrimination or harassment as alleged” by some. He says, “the fact is, this case is solid because it is obvious that there was corruption in the rice-pledging scheme but the then PM failed to stop the corruption.”

Funny that. It is obvious to Ramet that there was corruption in the rice scheme but both he and the junta are remarkably reluctant to use the judiciary, even when it eats from the junta’s hand. Ramet thinks it would be easier to just come up with a convincing story and explanation.



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