Abolish the feudal law I

20 10 2015

Pundits have been waiting for the military court’s sentencing of Krit Bootdeejean. The reason is that the red shirt was charged with the same lese majeste offense as yellow shirt Niran Yaowapa, an editor of ASTV Manager Online.

Prachatai reports that the “an anti-establishment red shirt,” accused of having “published” a “fake” royal announcement. Niran published the same announcement.

Krit was sentenced to five years imprisonment, reduced to 2 years and half after (the more or less compulsory) guilty plea, with the jail term suspended.

The “fake” statement of the Royal Household Bureau “stated that King Bhumibol had decided to appoint a Regent to act on his behalf.”

The report says that the “sentence was read right after Krit recanted his innocent plea and pleaded guilty.”

The military court’s verdict is the same as the sentence given to Niran.

Some will say that the military’s court finally got something “right” on lese majeste and politics.

We say that it is bizarre that anyone should face a charge and jail, suspended or otherwise, for saying anything about the dysfunctional royals. All lese majeste cases are wrong, feudal and full of royalist nonsense. The law should be abolished.



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