Lese majeste mystery cases

20 10 2015

Yesterday we posted on the mysterious announcement of a high-level police task force to uproot more lese majeste that seem close to the palace.

It is now reported at Khaosod that police have said that they “will disclose the identities of those under investigation for flaunting ties to the Royal Family on Wednesday when they are brought to court…”.

The police add that: “We have already asked the court for arrest warrants for suspects in this case, but I don’t want to disclose the identities, number or details of their behavior…. Everything is in the case file. You will know about it when we take them for a remand, and we expect to remand them on Oct. 21.”

It is known that the criminal complaints were filed by it was “the military,” and accusing the unnamed suspects of lese majeste.

Rumors associate the pending charges with a fortune teller said to be close to the prince and with senior Crime Suppression Division police officers transferred on Sunday.




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