Bike for dad still on

29 10 2015

Believe it or not, but the event linked to a supposedly huge conspiracy to use the name of the monarchy for personal gain and wealth, is still on.

The Thailand propaganda news agency, NNT, reports that “Thai Embassies and Consulates have invited Thais living abroad to take part in the ‘Bike For Dad’ event to be held on December 11 this year.”

Bike for dad

So lets get this right… At least three, perhaps four, maybe dozens, of persons have been arrested, charged with lese majeste, died in military custody or are being investigated. Those accused, dead and alive, were all somehow linked to Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn’s Bike for Mom and Bike for Dad palace propaganda exercises. Those events have been supported to the hilt by The Dictator and his lot. Despite this national scandal, the event is continuing to be promoted as if nothing untoward has happened.

It certainly isn’t Denmark, but something has a certain whiff to it.