Further updated: Where is Suriyan?

30 10 2015

On 26 October, Minister for “Justice” General Paiboon Khumchaya declared that lese majeste suspect Suriyan Sujaritpalawong was not dead. The General declared: “Mor Yong’s [Suriyan] fine. I don’t understand what caused these rumours.” In case people were still concerned about Suriyan following the death of Prakrom Warunprapha in military custody, Paiboon declared: “He’s alive and well. We were told he even asked to have rice porridge for breakfast this morning…”.

Maybe, although no evidence of the fortune teller’s health was provided by Paiboon, except for his assurances and those of Vitaya Suriyawong, director-general of the Corrections Department. He accused Suriyan of “faking” symptoms – he “was sent for a CT scan on Thursday after it appeared his mouth was twisted and his jaws locked.”

Maybe, but now there’s a problem.

Khaosod reports that the astrologer “failed to appear in court as scheduled today.” Police stated that Suriyan “was too ill to attend today’s court session…”.

Suriyan has not been seen since 21 October.

Update 1: The Nation reports that Suriyan was “was rushed from his detention cell on Thursday to a prison hospital after suffering a severe headache, stomach pain and difficulty in speaking.” These were some of the symptoms he was claimed to be “faking.” The claim is that Suriyan has “high blood pressure, liver disease, plus stress.” The newspaper states that he is still in hospital.

Update 2: The Bangkok Post states that Suriyan is “back to his cell at a Bangkok military base after medical treatment.” The Corrections Department says that “Suriyan has a number of conditions. When he’s stressed, his blood pressure rises and other symptoms follow. In any case, he will be kept at the temporary prison because it’s convenient for the investigation…”. Really? “Convenient?



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