Remembering Nuamthong

31 10 2015

Opposition to the 2006 coup was steeled by the suicide of taxi driver Nuamthong Praiwan who first drove his taxi into a tank to show his opposition. Not long after, he hanged himself from a pedestrian overpass.

Nuamthong, taxi and tankSoon after the May 2014 coup, some students ignored a ban and demonstrated against the military and its coups. They used the bridge where Nuamthong took his own life to oppose the coup.

Today, on the 9th anniversary of Nuamthong’s passing, the Bangkok Post reports that a “group of pro-democracy activists paid their respects … amid tight security…”. Police posted notices proclaiming Article 44 prohibiting gatherings. Soldiers also observed.

They were joined by “some red-shirt members” and together “placed flowers at the spot where the taxi driver hanged himself from the pedestrian flyover in front of theĀ Thai Rath newspaper office on Vibhavadi Rangsit Road in Bangkok.”

The Post also reports that former premier Yingluck Shinawatra posted Nuamthong’s last letter to Facebook and stated: “Nine years ago today he died. I respect the great mind of Uncle Nuamthong, who sacrificed his life in pursuit of democracy. I hope his spirit will see the return of democracy soon…”.



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