Updated: Jirawong produced in court

13 11 2015

Thai Rath is reporting that Jirawong Wattanathewasilp did get taken to the military court today.

Update: The Bangkok Post reports on Jirawong’s court appearance, under heavy guard.. The junta’s prosecutors sought a further 12-day detention period. Apparently they required a third detention period – now at least 36 days – for even more “investigation of charges he and two other suspects, both of whom have died in police custody, cited the monarchy in business dealings connected the ‘Bike for Mom’ and ‘Bike for Dad’ cycling events.”

We wonder how they could have done otherwise given that the two events are meant to promote Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn.

Even so, these “offenses” have resulted in perhaps the most bizarre set of lese majeste charges ever seen in Thailand.

PPT continues to be amazed by this case. Still, the prosecution claims that the three men committed 13 offenses, mostly “false claims that they represented a member of the royal institution [the prince] and had been commissioned to create commemorative pins for the royal biking events.”

To be honest, we think this was probably the case, and we remain in the dark as to the real “offense.”

That they “allegedly demanded kickbacks worth a total 5.9 million baht for pin supply contracts” seem small beer in the broader scheme of scams surrounding the monarchy.



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