Promoting the junta’s “democracy”

26 11 2015

PPT missed this “story” and a regular reader brought it to our attention. While a short report, it deserves consideration as reflective of the huge propaganda effort being undertaken to ensure that only “good” and “moral” people – the junta’s people – are elected whenever the dictatorship feels safe enough to have an election.

The quite ludicrous Election Commission (EC), which failed to effectively manage elections in 2014 and opposed them, “is seeking the help of the Interior Ministry to promote democracy in various provinces and stamp out the illegal practice of vote buying.”

Now vote-buying was not a huge problem in most of the elections in the 2000s. When it was, it was most usually perpetrated by pro-military and anti-democracy parties. In most elections, pro-Thaksin Shinawatra parties simply didn’t need to do much vote-buying as they were elected because they were popular.

Vote buying was more likely under the old, pre-1997 election system that demanded coalition governments. The system was preferred by the royalist ruling class.

The EC Secretary-General Puchong Nutrawong is seeking help from Interior Minister General Anupong Paojinda, who has participated as a senior general in two military coups.

The Ministry of Interior itself has always been suspicious of parliamentary democracy.

None the less, the EC met with these anti-democrats to “discuss ways to support democracy, stamp out vote buying, and set up a public referendum.”

How will they do this? The answer is that these dolts simply do what they’ve done in the past: propaganda, indoctrination and repression. The EC has:

asked the Interior Ministry to assist by increasing the number of personnel responsible for promoting democracy in the villages, adding that the individual who is responsible for promoting democracy and election should come from the district’s center. The move is aimed at creating good democratic citizens in each village.

In addition, the EC is also asking district sheriffs [kamnan] to facilitate the effort, by setting up monthly meetings with local authorities and organize activities for villagers to inform them of related information.

Villagers have moved on from this nonsense, yet the ministries, military, royalists and other conservative anti-democrats live in a previous century.