The Bike for Dad infection

5 12 2015

So many officials and others have been charged with lese majeste, jailed, died in custody, gone into hiding or fled the country over the royal Bike for Mom/Bike for Dad escapades that PPT was surprised to see that Deputy Prime Minister General Tanasak Patimapragorn lead “representatives of both the public and private sectors to accept commemorative shirts of the BIKE FOR DAD campaign.”

General Tanasak presided over the ceremony to receive royally-granted shirts for the event supposedly organized by Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn to celebrate his parents, the king and queen. Neither have been sighted for some time, and rumors continue to swirl about their health and how they are maintained in this life. Doctors claim the king is alive and at Siriraj hospital and can do things like watch television.

The king is meant to turn 88 today. This years seems to be the lowest key birthday for many, many years. Change is upon Thailand.

The Bike for Dad event is apparently in trouble. General Tanasak was forced to express “confidence in the readiness of all units for the … event. He insisted that every single problem discovered will be fixed in time, adding that a rehearsal of various ceremonies to take place at the Royal Plaza will be held on December 9.” A security rehearsal is to be arranged by the police tomorrow.

This event is hugely expensive as well as jinxed by the arrests, deaths and more. The “celebration” seems to have been overcome by scandal, corruption and the military junta’s determination for it to go ahead. We can’t help wondering who else will be infected by the Bike for Dad ignominious fiasco.



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