Is this a rogue regime or a failed state?

9 12 2015

Khaosod reports that police are investigating US Ambassador “Glyn Davies is under investigation for critical comments he made about Thailand’s harsh law against defaming the monarchy, known as lese majeste.”

Seriously, even for the military dictatorship, this is completely mad:

Police are investigating whether Davies himself is guilty of defaming the monarchy for comments made late last month at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand, where the top American diplomat expressed “concern” about recent record sentences handed down by military tribunals for the crime, the club’s president confirmed Wednesday.

FCCT President Jonathan Head, a longtime BBC correspondent, said on Twitter this morning the club had been asked to cooperate with a police investigation into Davies after Sontiya Sawasdee, a member of a group calling itself Federation Monitoring the Thai State, filed a complaint Thursday.

Is it that the junta has decided that Thailand is so “special” that no comment at all is possible about its monarchy? When an op-ed says that Thailand is “is a relatively mature social system capable of self-management and an example for less fortunate societies,” and then contends that “the simple fact that Thailand has failed to find effective solutions to its painful internal struggles for nearly a full decade indicates otherwise,” we must agree. Marbles

When the junta looks to charges a foreign diplomat with lese majeste, it is clear that the regime has lost its marbles.

Sure, the US has no great record in human rights globally, but taking mild comments by its ambassador to police investigation is simply mad and unbelievable.

Even as the only military dictatorship in the world, this move is suggestive of a rogue state or a failed state.



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