Lese majeste and the protection of the junta’s right to corruption

10 12 2015

The Bangkok Post and several media report that yet another red shirt has been hit with a lese majeste charge.

Lese majeste is a “crime” used by rightist regimes in Thailand to protect themselves and the hierarchical royalist social order.

The Post reports that a humble “worker at Samut Prakan’s Bang Pu Industrial Estate has been arrested for allegedly disseminating online a diagram accusing government figures of known irregularities in Rajabhakti Park and lese majeste offences.”

The junta was peeved and went after him for daring to attack them. They have thrown in a lese majeste charge so that they can really punish this man who dares to challenge the corrupt thugs running Thailand. They are desperate to cover up their corruption.

The junta’s chief legal gangster has said that “soldiers arrested Thanakorn Siripaiboon, 27, at a company where he worked in tambon Praksa in Muang district on Tuesday afternoon, using special powers under Section 44 of the interim charter.” Why they needed “special powers” is anyone’s guess, for this is a worker with few connections.

The military thugs “searched his home and seized his computer and his mobile phone.” Thanakorn was “taken to the Technology Crime Suppression Division before being held in custody at an undisclosed military camp for further inquiry…”. Thanakorn is no threat to anyone, most especially not to the crippled monarchy.

The Crime Suppression Division accuse Thanakorn of “posting the diagram which circulated on the social media a few days ago.” Everyone knows that the military is corrupt and that the junta is covering up. By re-posting a diagram, he is seen as a threat to the regime. That’s how paranoid this gang of thugs are.

As usual, the military declares that Thanakorn has confessed. He is alleged to have stated that “he posted the diagram because he wanted anti-government people to gather and oppose the junta.” Good for him! Yet, he is small fry and unlikely to have any impact.

But why lese majeste? Thanakorn is accused of clicking “like” on a Facebook post by someone else that the military gang thinks is “anti-monarchy.”

That’s right, he could now go to jail for more than 15 years for clicking “like” on Facebook.

He faces other ludicrous charges of group sedition, and violating the Computer Crime Act.

At Khaosod it is stated that the “infographic was created first and posted Monday by the New Democracy Movement, a pro-democracy group opposed to the ruling junta.” This infographic is not seditious. The reason the man has been grabbed is because The Dictator wet his pants when he saw the graphic and ordered it removed.

So Thanakorn’s “crime” is to have caused General Prayuth Chan-ocha some political indigestion. Is The Dictator so thin skinned and prissy? It seems he is.

The junta is clearly frightened by Corruption Park. Deputy junta chairman General Prawit Wongsuwan has declared

“Don’t ask too much about Rajabhakti…. Ask something else. There’s no point asking about this.”

“Please stop mentioning this already. It damages confidence a lot. You’re Thais, why do this? The government is working for the country. Therefore, the media must help us out.”

Opposing military dictatorship and military corruption is now “unThai.”