Mass lese majeste madness

11 12 2015

It looks like any semblance of sanity is out the window when it comes to lese majeste. As we suggested in our previous post, the military regime is going after hundreds on lese majeste accusations, charges and more.

This may be just a threat, trying to further repress perceived opponents but it still reeks of monarchical madness and a loss of any notion of proportion and level of threat from opponents. We have been saying it for a while, but the military regime appears likely to crush all expressions of opposition, no matter how mild.

Police have “announced that hundreds more will be charged with lèse majesté for similar actions [clicking “like” on Facebook].”

Police investigators “are now gathering information and evidence to press charges against 20 administrators of an anti-establishment red-shirt Facebook group called ‘the National Red Shirts Association’.”

In addition, it is said that “[h]undreds of members of the Facebook page will also be charged with Article 112 of the Criminal Code, the lèse majesté law, for pressing ‘like’ on pictures and content allegedly defaming the Thai monarchy…”.

The junta claims the page has “about 60,000 members.”

Thailand’s military dictatorship will need to build more jails for the hundreds of prisoners it claims it wants locked up in a fever of lese majeste madness.



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