The corrupt are free, critics are arrested

13 12 2015

The military dictatorship is seen as protecting itself from corruption claims around Rajabhakti Park. It is doing this by arresting those who are critics of Corruption Park.

As already posted, two men have been arrested and jailed. They are held in secret detention, without access to lawyers, while military interrogators seek to force “confessions” from them.

The Nation reports that they are held on charges of “lese majeste, sedition and computer crime for sharing an infographic that linked many senior officials in the government and the military to the Rajabhakti scandal…”.

As PPT noted earlier, it is claimed that the connection between Corruption Park and lese majeste is that the infographic links “the royal institution indirectly because it includes references to Suriyan “Mor Yong” Sucharitpolwong — the well-known fortune teller charged with lese majeste who recently died in military custody.” This claim is ludicrous. Given that the military junta brought lese majeste charges against Suriyan, then presumably they must also arrest themselves and everyone else involved with the case.

The Nation reports that “Pol Maj-General Chayapol Chatchaidej of Royal Thai Police’s Strategic Office said police would set up a working group focused on cases related to the Rajabhakti scandal as the military arrests more suspects.”

He added that: “People should not share, post or click ‘like’ on any information about a diagram on the scandal, otherwise they could face legal consequences in accordance with the law on computer crimes…”.

In essence, military corruption seems quite okay, while opposing it is made a crime. The usual world is turned upside down by a corrupt and arrogant military dictatorship.



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