Twice failed minister gives advice to failed military rulers

21 12 2015

Former deputy premier in the first cabinet of the The Dictator and finance minister to the military-backed post-2006 coup cabinet, minor prince Pridiyathorn Devakula has decided to criticize and give advice to The Dictator. This is sure to spark anger and perhaps even some retribution.

He has “urged the government [… he means junta] to reveal the ‘truth’ about the country’s economic situation.”

Scenes from “A Few Good Men” come to mind.

For some reason which is entirely unclear to PPT, someone decided that this failed prince should speak “at a ceremony marking the 100th anniversary of reformer Puey Ungphakorn’s birthday in Chai Nat’s Nong Mamong district…”. We can’t think why a failure had an opportunity to speak about Puey, apart from the fact that both had been governors of the Bank of Thailand and both served dictators. Puey became quite a different man, and after being “branded a communist and ‘destroyer of unity’ by the political right of Thailand” lived his later years in political exile.

Pridiyathorn declared that the dictatorship “had to tell the truth about Thailand’s current financial state to help the country get through the current economic hardship.” Still wedded to dictatorship of the royalist military, he declared that “the government was on the right track in boosting investment by putting funds into the agricultural sector…”. His advice is “the government should not make unrealistic promises as it would cause people to lose faith.” And he urged that the junta “accelerate its work on economic stimulus projects.”

The criticism is the implication that the government is hiding something. The advice is to do things that he himself was simply incapable of doing.