Another Banpot lese majeste conviction

30 12 2015

Prachatai reports on another lese majeste sentence handed out by a military court.

Some time ago, PPT post on the sentencing of a group we called, first the Banpot 6, which then became the Banpot 8 and expanded to the Banpot 10 and Banpot 14 as the military dictatorship arrested and charged them with lese majeste. A further two were arrested at a later time. The Banpot 10 (or 14) were all sentenced to jail on 14 July 2015 by a military court. All 10 had pleaded guilty in order to have sentences halved.

The group was are accused of working with the quite well-known Banpot (Hasadin Uraipraiwan) who was accused of producing radio programs distributed via the internet since 2010 or 2011. Banpot’s programs were long talk shows about politics and the monarchy. Many of the shows reproduce the rumors whirling around the royal family.

Two others enter not guilty pleas and their cases were treated separately. These two, including Hasadin’s wife, were not found guilty of lese majeste, but were convicted of supporting the activity of the network.

One of the two outstanding cases resulted in an “eight-year jail term for an elderly man charged with lèse majesté for uploading and sharing audio clips from the so-called anti-monarchy Banpodj Network.”

On 28 December 2015, a secret deposition hearing, sentenced Tanitsak (surname withheld due to privacy concerns), a 50-year-old photographer’s assistant from the northeast under Article 112. His term was halved after he finally agreed to plead guilty.

Tanitsak was arrested on 25 April 2015 in Chaiyaphum province and remained in custody since that arrest. He did not apply for bail, saying his family could not afford it.

Prachatai reports that a “total of 14 people were arrested for their alleged involvement in the Banpodj Network. They were separated into two groups of 12 and two, each group facing different charges. Two of the 12 decided to fight the case, while 10 pleaded guilty.”



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