Happy dictators

31 12 2015

This time last year Privy Council President, former unelected prime minister and drain on taxpayer funds General Prem Tinsulanonda met the military junta and other bottom burnishers at his taxpayer-funded home and “praised Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha for leading the May 22 coup, terming it a national rescue and a military duty.”

Prem’s words of support for the miltiary dictatorship are sweet when there are rumors of splits between The Dictator and the to political meddler-in-chief. This year the words have been sweeter still.

The Nation reports that the privy council boss has offered more support to the junta and this cheers the monarchist junta for Prem’s words represent those of the existing privy council and the palace’s official view.

Prem was fulsome in his praise: “I understand that you are tired, but it’s worth it if Thais are happy…. I’m overjoyed to see the prime minister and you others sacrifice your own happiness to make the people in our country happy.” As the pictures clipped from The Nation show, it was big smiles all round from the tyrants.

Happy dictators

Prem encouraged The Dictator:

The prime minister is a strong person. He never gives up, so he sets a good example…. “I don’t think you seek to gain power for yourself. You really work for the country and the people. I may not be of much help to you because I’m getting on in years now…. But I can help with some thoughts and encouragement, as well as a smidgeon of knowledge….

Prem’s words show that he is fully committed to the dictatorship and its proclaimed mission for the monarchy.

Describing its members as “virtuous,” Prem urged the junta to continue: “People place their hopes in the prime minister, the armed forces and the police. They put their trust in you. So you must not disappoint them. Regardless of the hardship, you have to bear it…”. He intimated that the dictatorship’s opponents represented the forces of “evil.”

I really love you Big Tu

As interpreter of the disabled king, Prem cited him when he “stressed the importance of unity among the people in the country…”.

Prem acknowledged that there was a kind of battle going on between his virtuous and “good people,” observing that “many people dislike me.” But, he knows that these are evil ones and that his “virtue would be his good protection…. Goodness should serve as the best armour. I hope that those who hate me will dwindle…”.

With the military junta jailing them and chasing them out of the country, Prem couldn’t be happier. Only the good and the cowed will remain.

Perhaps referring to the succession in process, the aged political manipulator declared: “I’m like a dying horse that is very weak now. It’s time I retire…”.



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