Good vs. evil II

1 01 2016

In the struggle over “good” and “evil,” in the world of the “good people,” there are those who can switch sides or at least be defined as switching sides.

In the case of “[f]ormer senior police officer Paween Pongsirin, who blew the whistle on a network of military and police officers involved in the trafficking of Rohingya…”, because he blew the whistle on those used to having impunity, and who, while people smugglers and murders, are loyal and “good people,” he is an enemy and thus “evil.”

As we know, “Paween fled to Australia last month, claiming he feared for his life. He now is seeking asylum there.”

Pol Maj Gen Paween told the Bangkok Post he no longer trusted anyone, especially those in positions of authority.” He added: “They have no credibility any more…”. PPT can’t recall that they ever had credibility; but, then, he does refer to the “good people.”

He explained, without naming names: “Someone told me to resign and keep quiet…”. His report on human traffickers listed “all major suspects in the case,” and they included “big military officers…”. That is not surprising to anyone who follows the issue.

Of course, the “good people” claim that Paween was working for “evil” politicians in exposing the human smugglers. He insists “there was no one behind his move to expose the alleged links between influential figures in the military and police and the human trafficking networks…. He said he had no affiliations with any politicians and that his track record in his police career was clean.”