Updated: Responding to the undemocratic constitution

23 01 2016

In recent days PPT has posted on some of the more undemocratic aspects of the draft constitution.

The Puea Thai Party expressed some of its reservations. Now Nattawut Saikua, secretary-general of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship, has spoken out. He states that “red shirts would not endorse an undemocratic constitution in a referendum, even if it delayed an election.”

Nuttawut correctly assesses “that the current draft was far worse than the previous unsuccessful one…“. He declared that the “UDD doesn’t have an official resolution on this, [but] it is clear that we would not accept it [the draft].” He added: “Democracy is what matters, not just the election…”.

Nuttawut “urged all opponents of the charter draft to show their stance. If they waited any longer, they would not be able to explain it to the public…”.

Update: A reader wonders why it is that the Puea Thai Party and the UDD have no alternative constitution. One answer might be that military thuggery prevents political parties and movements even meeting. Yet the notion of an alternative or even a people’s constitution as an alternative to abject authoritarianism institutionalized would at least be a challenge to the ruling class’s drivel.