An inglorious anniversary

24 01 2016

At 12 noon on  Saturday, 30 April 2011, Somyos Pruksakasemsuk was arrested in Aranyaprathet province. He was arrested on allegations of violating Article 112, the lese majeste law.

somyosKept in jail until his trial, often in chains and cages when he made court appearances, on 23 January 2013, Somyos was sentenced to 5 years on each of two lese majeste charges, with an extra year added from a previous suspended sentence for insulting General Saprang Kalayanamit, a leader of the 2006 royalist coup and an activist on lese majeste.

The story of Somyos, his long-running trial and the inglorious sentencing he received is testament to the political nature of Article 112.

As PPT has said for almost five years, Somyos should be released. In fact, all political prisoners should be released.

It is unlikely to happen under the royalist-backed military dictatorship, but that should not prevent people from demanding it and showing the barbarity of the lese majeste law to the world.



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