Giving back

26 01 2016

In the aftermath of two thuggish abductions of student activists by the agents of the military junta, it is heartening to  read in the Bangkok Post that Sirawith Seritiwat has filed “a police complaint against soldiers who arrested him…”.

This is heartening because, while nothing is likely to proceed under such a complaint, it is the bravery and dogged determination of the activist and his supporters that gives cause for some optimism in a very dark space that is Thailand under The Dictator.

In other words, it is good to see activists giving back on the junta.

The case is unlikely to go any where because the military junta will not hear any criticism and it controls large parts of the judiciary and prides itself on its authoritarian arrogance and impunity.

In making his complaint, Sirawith stated that the officers who took him “did not show him an arrest warrant and took him somewhere besides the police station. As such, his detention was illegal, the student asserted, adding that officers physically assaulted him.”

Pol Col Manas Nakhonsri identified “the men who apprehended Mr Sirawith [as] … soldiers attached to 2nd Battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment (King’s Guard) and had met police investigators at the station. The soldiers said they made the arrest under the authority of Section 44 of the interim constitution.”

The use of Article 44 against a university student and activism shows the great fear that motivates much that the junta does.Schultz

Like some latter day Sergeant Schultz, junta spokesman Colonel Winthai Suvaree denied everything. He denied assault allegations or any illegal action (everything, including murder seems legal under the junta).

Colonel Winthai did admit that the abductions were because “the student activist had become increasingly provocative, forcing the junta to act.”



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