Getting tanked

9 02 2016

Exactly a month ago, PPT asked: What happened to those “cheap” tanks the Thai generals ordered from the Ukraine?

We can guess where the “commissions” went, but why are the current crop of generals now looking for tanks from other places?

Initially, the whole idea was poo-pooed by the junta’s spokesmen. No, they said, no Russian tanks. But that story has changed. (In other words, they were telling untruths last month.)

Today, the Bangkok Post states the “army changed stories … admitting it plans to buy new tanks, saying it is in the process of setting up a procurement committee.” Yep, they certainly were lying last time. One of those lying was Defense Minister General Prawit Wongsuwan.

2006 coup

2006 coup, with US tanks used

Army spokesman Colonel Winthai Suvaree continued the lies, saying “the army’s procurement panel will consider all possible options before making a decision based on cost-effectiveness and transparency.” He meant to say that the decision will be made on who is going to take the “commissions” and allocate them to loyalists. (It seems like the lucky moneybags will be General Prawit.)

The Army has had to admit that it is considering “purchasing Russian-made tanks” because Prawit is off to Russia soon and “reportedly plans to inspect this model of tank.” He’s taking Deputy Prime Minister Somkid Jatusripitak with him. Of course, Somkid is the main finance and economics cabinet member, so his acquiescence will smooth the money flows. The Dictator, General Prayuth Chan-ocha, is also scheduled to visit Russia in May.

As PPT posted earlier, “Prawit and army chief Gen Thirachai Nakwanich are proceeding carefully with the tank procurement plan following the delayed delivery of T-84 Oplot tanks from Ukraine…”. The generals blame “internal political turmoil as the reason for the hold-up.” That is, in the Ukraine, not Thailand.

Tanks are seldom used in Thailand, and sometimes roll out for a coup.

Only 10 of the ordered 50 T-84 Oplot tanks have been delivered. We can only wonder what deal is being done on this. Is money lost? Will “commissions” need to be repaid? Perhpas a new Chinese or Russian deal for their versions of the T-90 tank will square things up and be cause for celebration. Vodka is good when wanting to get tanked.



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