“The constitution will pass the referendum”

11 02 2016

These are words attributed to senior junta member General Prawit Wongsuwan. Perhaps he already knows the result of the constitutional referendum. Maybe the military has all the ballots already prepared.

He declares his confidence “I believe (the constitution) will pass the referendum.  Why? There are not many flaws in it. It’s hard to get a constitution that can effectively prevent corruption…”. He refers only to “corruption” by elected politicians. Corruption by “good people” like royalists, members of the elite, the bureaucracy and military is okay, so long as it is done with “good intentions.”

For this constitutional draft can only pass if a couple of things happen. First, the military junta would have to change its own charter so that a “majority” would be more easily defined. And that’s exactly what they’ve just decided to do. Second, the dictators would need to mobilize all their troops, intelligence agents and all their supporters in universities, hospitals and government offices to promote and cajole a “yes” vote.

That said, we remain unconvinced that the junta and the current bosses want the referendum to pass. But, as a reader has pointed out, even if it does, the junta could find a workaround and stay in power.