King “improves”

18 02 2016

The Bangkok Post and other media report the latest Royal Household Bureau statement number 21 on the king’s health. Earlier in the week he was reported as having heart, blood pressure and breathing problems.

The Bureau now says his condition “has improved…”. It is reported that his “body temperature has decreased [to 38.1C and still a fever], while his pulse rate and his breathing are improving…”.

Royal “doctors were continuing to administer two doses of antibiotics intravenously, as well as oxygen … adding physical therapy was also being provided…”.

The Bureau have “opened Sala Sahathai Samakhom in the Grand Palace compound for people to write in well-wishing books…”, and The Dictator and his cabinet have written “messages wishing the King a quick recovery.”

We have lost count of how many times these calls for writing good wishes to the king have been available and been “required” for signing for many. Previously they have been at Siriraj Hospital, with dictators and other criminals, politicians and celebrities making public signings.



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