Coup not a crime

19 02 2016

In many places, and in Thailand’s 2007 constitution, seeking to overthrow a legal government is a crime and might even be considered sedition in some jurisdictions.

In Thailand, however, the military coup, marking the intervention of political thugs with guns, sometimes using them to gain power, is no crime. Even if the law is clear, the conservative judiciary is not going to rule against its military allies. They always have impunity, whatever the crime: coup, corruption, murder.

The Appeals Court has recently “upheld an initial court ruling to dismiss a treason suit against Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha and four other colleagues [they mean The Dictator and his gang] for staging the coup on May 22, 2014.”

To make the decision, the “court relied on the interim charter’s amnesty clause for its ruling…”. Thailand’s courts pick and choose. We recall that certain decision are even applied retrospectively. Whatever the conservative elite wants, the judiciary delivers.The junta

The Appeals Court agreed, this time, “that any actions prepared and conducted for the coup by either the chairman [they mean The Dictator] or any subordinates or colleagues [they mean his military gang] shall be exempt from criminal punishment.”

This case was brought by the Resistant Citizen group, quite logically and legally arguing that the coup was a “rebellion in violation of Section 113 and 114 of the Criminal Code.” It was, but the judiciary prefers to polish the military boot.

The Resistant Citizen group plans to take the case to the Supreme Court, but they can not expect any support from the politicized judges there.

So why do it? As one plaintiff stated, “”We have to maintain the principle, if we give up our society will have no democratic values…”. Another, a brave young student said it was necessary “to remind society that overthrowing a democratically elected government was unacceptable.”