Voting math

20 02 2016

A reader sent us this, attributed to aged charter drafter Meechai Ruchupan. It may not be him speaking, but other junta supporters and minion charter drafters have made this point in the media:

Here is a piece of junta logic, appearing under the title กูว่าไม่เต็ม, which might be translated something like: “He’s crazy!” The infographic (reproduced here) was posted on Thai-enews, Saturday 13 February 2016, though the original source of the quote is unknown.

Meechai’s Einsteinian political logic runs like this:Meechai math

If Candidate A has 20,000 votes; Candidate B has 10,000 votes; Candidate C has 10,000 votes; and Candidate D has 10,000 votes, who is the winner? — Candidate A? — No, you are wrong!

Candidate A is not the winner because B, C and D have altogether more than 20,000 votes and that the total 30,000 votes did not in fact vote for Candidate A!

The junta’s lackeys are seemingly not so smart when it comes to mathematics because in this logic then how about this:

If 30,000 people did not vote for Candidate A, then how about Candidate B, Candidate C and Candidate D who would each have potentially 40,000 non-votes against them.

Are you still following me?

So you know how the next election, if it ever comes, will be run.