Mad at the foreign media

21 02 2016

The military junta, like its anti-democrat supporters, is convinced that the foreign media is in the pay of Thaksin Shinawatra. They reckon that any negative story about the junta or the monarchy is concocted for money.

The junta has sought all kinds of ways of changing the international narrative about the dysfunctional royals, nasty lese majeste arrests and sentences and the incompetence, corruption and general silliness of the repressive regime. Censorship, blocking, harassment, hiring consultants and more.

The latest trick is to attempt to control who can be accredited as a foreign journalist in Thailand. For details of this, a useful account, with links to the official document, is by the Committee to Protect Journalists. The CPJ states that it is “gravely concerned about new visa restrictions imposed on foreign reporters in Thailand that if fully implemented could restrict coverage of the country.”