No debate on draft charter II

3 03 2016

The Bangkok Post has more on the current flurry of junta brain explosions.

The suddenly frantically activist 70 year-old General Prawit Wongsuwan has ranted that “[g]overnment critics who make comments deemed [by the military junta] not to be in the nation’s interest will be detained for ‘attitude adjustment’ for up to a week…”.Brain explosion

To make his point clearer, if that was necessary, he went on: “If they speak so 100 times, they will be summoned 100 times…”.

Prawit babbled about the law having to be enforced, but his law is illegitimate, politically repressive and, in most countries, would not be law at all. In modern countries, Prawit and Prayuth would be in jail.

It is worth repeating the Post’s assessment:

Since seizing power in May 2014 the junta has crushed dissent, banning political discussion, locking up opponents and dramatically increasing prosecutions under laws covering lese majeste, sedition and computer crime.

So-called attitude adjustment sessions have also been instituted, with critics arbitrarily detained by the military, often for days. They are released once they sign a form promising to refrain from criticising authorities, sometimes under the threat of asset seizures.

The junta is composed of small-minded, unintelligent and poorly educated sycophants lacking morals and  good sense. Worse, their hands are covered in blood.