No opposition can be tolerated

4 03 2016

The Bangkok Post describes the military junta’s record:

Since seizing power in May 2014 the junta has crushed dissent, banning political discussion, locking up opponents and dramatically increasing prosecutions under laws covering lese majeste, sedition and computer crime.

So-called attitude adjustment sessions have also been instituted, with critics arbitrarily detained by the military, often for days. They are released once they sign a form promising to refrain from criticising authorities, sometimes under the threat of asset seizures.

The “new” boss, General Prawit Wongsuwan seems just as repressive, manic and erratic as the “past” leader General Prayuth Chan-ocha.

(A reader tells us that one reason Prawit is standing front and center on the current political stage is because the “new” plan is to have the appointed senate appoint Prayuth as prime minister. Hence, he is being “protected” in the “warfare” on the draft charter.)

Dinosaur Prawit’s sexist and stupid remarks on Yingluck Shinawatra brought a spirited Facebook response from “prominent Pheu Thai Party figure Watana Muangsook…”.

The response was a bunch of soldier-thugs abducting him from his home and taking him to the military gang’s hideout. The story of Watana’s abduction is at The Nation.

The angry little man was responsible for ordering Watana to the taken to the base, saying he had been “invited to talk”  for “expressing false information…”. Like some cartoon character, Prawit sounded something like a six year-old:

“What did he do? Whom did he verbally attack? Did he speak about me?” Gen Prawit asked rhetorically. “He expressed an opinion that misled society, so we invited him for talks.”

Meanwhile, the ridiculousness continued from “Col Winthai Suvari, spokesman for the National Council for Peace and Order,” who declared that Watana’s “attitude adjustment session was warranted based on his comments over the past two days.”

Watana foolishly told the truth. He said the junta was “clinging on power…”. Everyone knows that. It is just that the angry little man won’t allow the truth. Winthai went even further down buffoon’s road saying that Watana’s comments “could distort people’s perception of the NCPO.”  Winthai seems to think that the public’s perception is based on false infomation that shows the junta is a good light.

Self delusion knows no bounds within the junta.

Now released, Khaosod reports that Watana has “been charged with computer crimes for criticizing a deputy junta chief’s sexist comments…”. The translation of the Watana’s post is at the end of the Khaosod story.