Interfering non-interference

6 03 2016

The Nation reports that the so-called fiver rivers – the junta, the Constitution Drafting Committee, the National Reform Steering Assembly, the Cabinet and the National Legislative Assembly – “will meet tomorrow in a bid to ensure the charter draft passes the upcoming public referendum.”

In fact, these are not five “rivers” but one polluted river made up of overlapping “streams” of military thugs, royalists, anti-democrats and associated sycophants.

It is reported that The Dictator, General Prayuth Chan-ocha, called the meeting to discuss changes for the draft charter. Of course, if anyone else discusses the constitution or proposes changes, they get re-educated, abducted or threatened (see below).

Laughably, some dope claimed to be “[a]n NCPO source,” is quoted:

… given Prayut had reiterated many times that he wanted the charter draft to pass the referendum, all revisions to be made to it must be suitable for the country and meet international democratic standards to ensure public acceptance of it.

Laughably delusional.

The source “said the junta wanted to tighten its grip on political elements to prevent them from expressing opinions that distort or cause public confusion or convince the public to vote down the charter draft.” Apparently the junta feels under threat and his watching everyone.

The group is also “expected to discuss the 20-year national strategies in terms of how to dispel the widely held perception that the junta wants to cling to power.”

That will require more lies and lots of propaganda. It includes Prayuth claiming that “he does not want the public to think he is interfering in the reform and charter drafting processes.” Heaven forbid that the public might think he’s called the meeting to discuss changes for the draft charter.