All them crooks

11 03 2016

The Nation reports that the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) has found that The Eel, Tharit Pengdit, is “unusually rich.” NACC members “voted unanimously” in finding that Tarit had “unlawfully” amassed assets worth Bt346.65 million.

As anyone who has read PPT for several years will know, we have little sympathy for Tharit, the former Department of Special Investigation chief. We call him The Eel to recognize his demonstrated capacity to slither from supporting a murderous government – the Abhisit Vejjajiva regime – and throwing that government’s political opponents in jail to become an enforcer for the opponents against his former bosses when he slithered across to the Yingluck Shinawatra administration.

The NACC decided “to order the Civil Court to seize Bt90.26 million worth of [his] assets…” before charging him.Snouts

The NACC says that Tharit “allegedly transferred and hid most of the Bt346.65 million so the NACC was only able to freeze Bt90.26 million of assets owned by Tarit and his wife.” The NACC considered this amount to be “more wealth than a government official could earn lawfully.”

If 346 million baht is too much for government official to earn lawfully, then why isn’t there investigation of members of the junta and the armed forces for unusual wealth? Former junta top cop Somyos Pumpanmuang amassed declared assets of almost 375 million baht. We have previously noted this cop’s connections with shady business groups. We count 11 “government officials” who have submitted assets lists totaling greater than 250 million baht and up to almost 1 billion baht. It wasn’t that long ago that the NACC cleared The Dictator of any unusual wealth.

So why has Tharit been grabbed? It is because he is considered a traitor to the ruling elite. It seems that when one is corrupt but serving the royalist elite, that’s all fine and dandy. When one goes to the other side, that will be punished. And, the point is that the punishment is then a warning to the other corrupt bastards that they need to know who’s buttering their bread and cooking their rice.



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