No rule of law under the military dictatorship

16 03 2016

The military dictatorship uses “laws” and “decrees,” like Article 44, that it created to facilitate its own rule and to repress political opponents. To the members of the junta, this legal fiction makes everything it does “legal” and it can claim to be upholding the “rule of law.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

This is perfectly illustrated in the recent case of Sarawut Bamrungkittikhun, who was essentially abducted from his Suratthani home by a force of 30 military and police officers on 9 March 2016. Despite this, on 13 March, the authories claimed they knew nothing of the arrest or his whereabouts.

Sarawut was held incommunicado for the entire period until his release seven days after the “arrest.” In addition, he was moved thousands of kilometers between military bases in his home province and Bangkok and back again.

Sarawut was the “administrator of the Facebook page ‘Poet Praden’ (Open Issues)…”. When arrested, his mobile phone and laptop were confiscated.

However, when he was released, without charge, his laptop and mobile phone were returned to him.

These events illustrate the nature of the thuggish regime, its self-declared impunity and its willingness to terrorize its own citizens. There is no rule of law under the military dictatorship.