Prayuth on appointed senate

16 03 2016

With General Prawit Wongsuwan having led the junta for the past few weeks, The Dictator has been quieter and calmer than usual. Some say that Prawit, with considerable seniority, has always been the critical figure in the junta.

Now it is General Prayuth Chan-ocha supporting Prawit in hid effort to get an appointed senate and spots for the junta’s top brass.Prayuth

The Bangkok Post reports that Prayuth “has insisted he will push for the controversial charter proposal involving an appointed Senate during the transitional post-election period until the¬†Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) includes it in the draft constitution.”

Posing as a comedian, Prayuth said he “did not intend to put pressure on the charter drafters to accept the charter proposal,” adding:

There is no pressure. The CDC will likely accept it. But If the CDC rejects it, I’ll keep sending the proposal until the CDC recognises it. The proposal is for the good of the country….

No pressure, just insistence. Prayuth declared, “I have the power. I’ll make the country safe…”. No pressure, just power.